Winterhilfswerk Lottery Cards

Third Reich Postal Stationery

This set of cards was issued on 29 December 1934 to benefit the Winterhilfswerk fund.

Unlike most German postcards of the period, these cards were distributed in a “lotterie” format.  The cards were printed in attached pairs.  On 90% of the printings, there was no value indicia printed on either card.  On 10% of the printings, however, one of the cards bore a 6 Pf indicia, relieving the user of the need to attach additional postage before mailing.  The user would not know if they had “won the lottery” and received a 6 Pf card until opening the sealed package.

Of the 100 pairs, all are available without indicia on either card.  On the 10% that were printed with indica, the indicia is always on the same card of the pair (those denoted below with a solid square), commonly known as a “regular” pair.  Of the 100 pairs, 82 are found in regular pairs.  Of those 82 pairs, 20 can be found with value indicia on the incorrect card within the pair due to printing errors (those denoted below with a hollow square).  16 pairs are not known with indicia, and 2 are known only with the indicia on the incorrect card of the pair.  The number of varieties is therefore as follows:

Number of Pairs Found in the Various Formats

– Indicia on Correct Card Indicia on Incorrect Card –
List of Pairs