Cultural Figures


On 15 July 1944, the Generalgouvernement issued this series depicting cultural figures.  Proceeds from the surcharges went to the “Führer’s Cultural Fund”.

The stamps depict:

MiNr 122 can also be found with two plate flaws: MiNr 122 I has a nick in the top margin over the left “30” (sheet positions 4 and 9).

MiNr 122 (left) and MiNr 122 I (right)

MiNr 122 II has a small white line above the “H” in “REICH” (sheet positions 35 and 40).

MiNr 122 (left) and MiNr 122 II (right)

The stamps were available in sheets of 50.

For stamps of a similar design, see the 1942 3rd Anniversary of the Generalgouvernement Issues and the 1943 Mikołaja Kopernika Issue.