Danzig Overprints

Third Reich Postage Stamps

These stamps were issued on 28 September 1939 to serve as temporary postage in the newly acquired city of Danzig.


Watermark 3 Y
Horizontal small loops


Watermark 1

Beginning 21 October 1939, these issues were valid postage anywhere in the Reich.

The stamps are regular issues of the Free City of Danzig overprinted with new values and “Deutsches Reich”. Due to the use of various Danzig issues, there are a variety of watermarks within the set.

Those with “X” suffixes feature a normal swastika watermark — when viewed from the rear, the legs of the swastika point in a counterclockwise direction.


Watermark 4 Y
Reversed Swastikas


Watermark 4 X

The “Y” suffixes feature the rarer reversed swastika watermark, with the legs of the swastika pointed in a clockwise direction when viewed from the rear.  Those without suffixes have Danzig Watermark 3 Y, with the exception of MiNr 729, which has Deutsches Reich Watermark 1.