Rosette Inflation Issues

Weimar Postage Stamps

This set of inflation overprints came into use in late October-November 1923.

Watermark 2Waffles

Watermark 2

Numerous varieties exist of several of the issues due to varying printing methods and perforations.

The P-suffix issues are flat plate printings and the W-suffix are rotary press printings.  They can be distinguished by the size of the printed area:

P — 17.7 mm x 21.5 mm
W — 18.0 mm x 22.0 mm

The A-suffix issues are perf K 14:14.25, and the B-prefix issues have rouletted perfs.

Two recurring plate flaws exist across the issues.  The first is a broken (“sprung”) rosette on the left of the design, denoted by the “HT” suffix.  This plate flaw can be found at positions 12, 18, 63, & 68 of come printings.

Normal (left) & Broken [“Sprung”] Rosette (right)

Additionally, those printing which have the broken rosette flaw also have, at positions 43, 48, 93, & 98, another plate flaw in the lower left corner, denoted by the “PE I” suffix.

Normal (left) & Plate Flaw (right)

Numerous additional plate flaws exist on the individual stamps within the set, including the following.