1931 Baltic Sea Circuit Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 12 May 1931, the Graf Zeppelin departed Friedrichshafen on a trip around the Baltic Sea.  The flight itinerary was as follows:

  • Friedrichshafen (12 May) – Staaken (13 May)
  • Staaken (13 May) – Berlin Tempelhof (13 May) (1st Berlin Round Trip)
  • Berlin Tempelhof (13 May) – Staaken (13 May) (2nd Berlin Round Trip)
  • Staaken (14 May) – Lübeck (14 May)
  • Lübeck (14 May) – Lübeck (14 May) (Round Trip over the Baltic Sea)
  • Lübeck (14 May) – Friedrichshafen (15 May)

Mail can be found with origin cancels from Friedrichshafen, the various stops, on board, and various treaty states.

On-Board Cancel

Mail dropped at the final stop in Friedrichshafen is marked with a Friedrichshafen arrival cancel.

Friedrichshafen Arrival Cancel

Mail transported on the flight carries a violet confirmation stamp.

Confirmation Stamp