Aid for Serbian Prisoners of War


This set of stamps was issued on 5 December 1941, with the surtax going to benefit of Serbian POWs.

In addition, she stamps can be found with two types of burelage — that with points of the burelage pointing to the top (suffixes I, III, IV), and the rarer variety with points of the burelage pointing down (suffixes A I, A III, A IV). 

Points up (left) and points down (right)

Additionally, the stamps without burelage can be found with an engravers mark on the shoulder (suffix A II) and without (suffix II).

Without (left) and with (right) engraver’s mark

The stamps were printed in 10×5 sheets, with the stamps of each 5×5 half-sheet forming a cross pattern — unburelaged stamps at the center, surrounded by partially burelaged stamps, with full burelaged stamps on the outside.  The center row of the sheets shows stamps of all 4 designs. The half sheets can be found with and without the engravers mark stamps in the center (MiNr 54 A II-MiNr 57 A II).

Also show are blocks of 4 of MiNr 54-57 A I.