Rentenpfennig Rosette Issues

Weimar Postage Stamps

Watermark 2Waffles

Watermark 2

On 1 December 1923, German currency was revalued, marking the end of the hyperinflation era.  The new currency (Rentenmark) replaced the old Mark at a conversion rate of 1 Rentenmark = 1 Billion Mark.  The Rentenmark was then replaced with the Reichsmark in Sept/Oct 1924 at a 1:1 rate.

This is the first set of German stamps using the revalued currency.

Numerous variations exist due to printing process and color differences.

The P-suffix issues are flat plate printings and the W-suffix are rotary press printings.  They can be distinguished by the size of the printed area:

P — 17.9 mm x 21.5 mm
W — 18.2 mm x 22.2 mm