5,000 – 250,000 Mark Inflation Overprints

Weimar Postage Stamps

Watermark 2XVertical Waffles

Watermark 2X

Watermark 1XVerticalLozenges

Watermark 1X

In August 1923, Germany began issuing overprints of prior issues in an attempt to keep up with the rapid hyperflation of the mark.

This initial set contains overprints of stamps from the 1921 Definitives (both Lozenge and Waffle watermark), 1922 Laborers, and lower-value 1923 Number in Circle issues, as well as the same in previously unreleased color/value combinations.

The larger value overprints can also be found with 19 (“V” suffix), 20 (“III” suffix), 0r 22 (“II” suffix) vertical bars instead of the standard 21.