February / May 1900 Jaluit Provisional

Marshall Islands

In November 1899, the post office in Jaluit placed an order for 2,000 each of the 3 Pf (MiNr 1 I) and 5 Pf (MiNr 3 I) Marschall-Inseln overprints.  These stamps were prepared for shipment from Berlin on 12-13 February 1900, and arrived in Jaluit in April 1900.

Prior to the arrival of these stamps, however, the Jaluit post office ran out of 5 pf stamps.  To remedy the shortage, 10 Pf stamps were bisected for use as 5 Pf provisionals.  It’s estimated that no more than 100 stamps were bisected in this manner.

Legitimate uses are on postcard or wrapper, not on cover. Cancels exist with dates from February to May 1900.

The copy shown above is one of only two known registered postcards with this usage.

MiNr 3 I H Cert