1935 Costumes

Third Reich Postage Stamps

In 1935, the Third Reich released the Costumes issues in booklet form, or Markenheftchen (MH).  The booklets consist of the following panes, or Heftchenblättern (H-Bl.):

  • One H-Bl. 103 consisting of MiNr 590 (x5) and MiNr 591 (x5)
  • One H-Bl. 104 consisting of MiNr 588 (x4), MiNr 593 (x5), and text field (x1)

The panes are separated by a blank interleave.

The booklets and panes have numerous varieties, depending on the length of the staple and the placement of printing marks within the pane margins.

The booklet panes can also be found in the uncut booklet pane sheets, or Markenheftchenbogen (MHB).