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Germany & Related Areas, 1872 – 1945

The Collection


PMGS StampFix

Automatically rotate & crop stamp scans

If you have any questions, recommendations, feature requests, or bug reports, please use the contact form in the footer if this page to let me know.

Also, if you have an scan which you’re unable to successfully process, please let me know.  If you send me the scan, I can usually find the correct settings to make it work.  It also helps greatly in futher development of the app, as it lets me know what need to be improved and what new features might help avoid similar issues in the future.

Background Color

The settings used to process stamp images vary slightly depending on the background color of the image – light versus dark.

By default, the app looks at the average color across the image to deteriming if the image has a light or dark background.  If, however, it detects the background color incorrectly, this override switch allows you to manually set the background color.

This setting will be unnecssary in the vast majority of cases, as a correct threshold setting will typically alleviate any differences in background color.  However, it is available for those odd situations where it is necessry to achieve the best results.