Azad Hind

Indian Legion

This series was issued by Germany in February 1943 to commemorate the Azad Hind movement and the Azad Hind Legion.

The basic set consists of 10 issues, 9 of which are available perforated (“A”) and imperforate (“B”).

The high value issue of the set (MiNr VII) can be found in three major varieties, and is the only issue of the set not found perforated.  The varieties of this issue are much rarer than the remaining issues of the set.

The stamps depict:

  • MiNr I — Sikh with machinegun
  • MiNr II, VIII, and IX — Farmer plowing a field
  • MiNr III and X — Indian and spinning wheel
  • MiNr IV — Nurse with the wounded
  • MiNr V and VI — Swords and breaking the chains over India
  • MiNr VII –Indians with Azad Hind flag