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Germany & Related Areas, 1872 – 1945

The Collection


Feldpost Numbers of World War II

The following is a database of feldpost numbers (FPN) used by the German armed forces during WWII.

Feldpostnummern / Feldpost Numbers — Feldpost numbers for most units consisted of a 5-digit number.  Prefixes were sometimes used to denote service (L for the Luftwaffe, M for the Kriegsmarine, SCH for coastal defense units, etc.), but as these were not always used, they are not included in the the database.

Sammelfeldpostnummern / Collective Feldpost Numbers — These numbers were used in locations with a high concentration of troops, primarily in large cities. They typically consisted of a 5-digit number, followed by a 1- or 2-digit letter (A, B, C, AB, etc.).  These are not yet listed in the database.

Date Ranges — The original feldpost number directories published during WWII did not list with specificity the start and end date of use for each number.  Rather, they were published on an irregular basis, and listed those numbers in use at the time of publication.  For this reason, subsequent compilations of this data (including this database) have had to rely on date ranges to indicate periods of use.  Any specific dates known are included within the text of the unit description.

No attempt has been made to translate the individual entries from the original German.  For translation, I recommend Google Translate.  For information on individual units, I recommend consulting Lexikon der Wehrmacht and

For a list of some of the abbreviations used in the database, see below.