Weimar Postage Stamps


Watermark 3
Imperial Eagle

This souvenir sheet was issued on 12 September 1930 to commemorate the International Stamp Exposition (IPOSTA) in Berlin.

The stamps are the only gummed portion of the sheet, and they bear the Imperial Eagle watermark.

The stamps depict:

  • 8+4 Pf — Aachen Cathedral and City Hall
  • 15+5 Pf — Brandenburg Gate
  • 25+10 Pf — Marienwerder Castle and Cathedral
  • 50+40 Pf — St. Burkhard on the Main Bridge in Wurzburg

The stamps are of the same design as MiNr 450-453, except with a different watermark.

Shown here is an admission ticket to the event, with bear-shaped punch.

Upon admission, visitors received a ticket authorizing them to purchase one souvenir sheet.

Also available at the IPOSTA post office were a special IPOSTA registration label, and a commemorative cancel.


IPOSTA Commemorative Cancel