German Buildings

Weimar Postage Stamps


Watermark 2 X
Vertical Waffles

This set was issued on 1 November 1930 to support German charity.

The stamps depict:

  • 8+4 Pf — Aachen Cathedral and City Hall
  • 15+5 Pf — Brandenburg Gate
  • 25+10 Pf — Marienwerder Castle and Cathedral
  • 50+40 Pf — St. Burkhard on the Main Bridge in Wurzburg

The stamps are of the same design as MiNr 446-449, except with a different watermark.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Germany issued several sets of stamps to benefit the Deutsche Nothilfe and Winterhilfswerke charity programs. In conjunction with these issues, the Reichspost posted advertisements depicting the stamps and encouraging patrons to purchase them for the benefit of the charity.

In addition, the Reichspost allowed the bulk purchase of these stamps. The most common form used for these purchases was a postcard depicting the stamps on the front, with blanks for the quantities desired.