1921 Definitives – Waffles

Weimar Postage Stamps

In 1921, Germany began issuing this set of definitives featuring numerals and depictions of various German laborers.

Watermark 2

The first value released (3 M) was released on 29 December 1921.  The remaining values were released in 1922.

The 20 M value can also be found with inverted burelage.  Due to the design of the stamp, this can be very difficult to detect — the easiest manner is to observe the pattern of the burelage in the corners of the design. Below is an image of the burelage pattern on a normal 20 M stamp, with examples of the corner patterns found on the normal variety.

Normal burelage pattern, MiNr 196

Normal burelage pattern, MiNr 196

Stamps of almost identical design, but with a lozenge watermark instead of waffle watermark, were released beginning in May 1921.