Bremen – New York (22 July 1929)

Catapult Post

On 22 July 1929, the Bremen launched its first catapult flight to New York.  Mail carried on the flight was stamped with a serial number, with a total of 10,997 pieces carried.  A few covers are known without a serial number.

Mail carried on-board originated from three sources — inland German sources, on-board seapost, and Danzig.

Most mail carried on-board bears a red Norddeutscher Lloyd cachet, and a black first-flight cachet.

Norddeutscher Lloyd Cachet

First-Flight Cachet

Most mail does not bear the red “Mit Katapultflug” cachet that would become mandatory in mid-August 1929, though several copies do exist with the cachet.  Also, a small number of the pieces carried were marked with a red box cachet from the Bremen 5 post office.

Bremen 5 Post Office Cachet