1936 1st North America Flight

Zeppelin Post

From 6-14 May 1936, the Hindenburg (LZ-129) made its first flight to North America. 

All mail carried on board should bear a red confirmation stamp.  Due to the massive volume of mail being transported on-board, mail was collected at several locations.  The specific location at which a letter was processed is indicated by the letter of the confirmation stamp.

  • Berlin C2 — “a” or “b”
  • Frankfurt am Main — “c” or “d”
  • Lorch, Württemberg — “e” to 5 May 1936
  • Friedrichshafen — “e” after 6 May 1936
  • Stuttgart — “f” and “g”

Confirmation Stamp — Frankfurt “c”

Confirmation Stamp — Frankfurt “d”

Confirmation Stamp — Stuttgart”g”

Due to the popularity of this inaugural flight, origin cancels exist from locations worldwide and from on board.

A large quantity of mail was also carried on the return flight from Lakehurst, N.J.  This mail bears a large violet Lakehurst confirmation stamp.