1934 Switzerland Flights

Zeppelin Post

From 10-12 July 1934, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) conducted a series of flights between Friedrichshafen and Zurich, Switzerland.  The first flight on 10 July 1934 was a round-trip from Friedrichshafen with only a mail drop in Zurich.  Mail carried on this flight can be found with Friedrichshafen or on-board cancels.

On-board Cancel

Mail from this first flight bears a Zurich airport arrival cancel.

Arrival Cancel

Following its return form the first 10 July 1934 round-trip, the Graf Zeppelin made another round trip on the evening of 10 July, a round trip on 11 July, and two round-trips on 12 July.  Mail on these final four flights can only be found with on-board cancels.

All mail carried should also bear a green confirmation stamp.

Confirmation Stamp