1933 Germany Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 1 May 1933, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) made a long, 2,200 km flight around Germany, leaving at just after midnight and landing at just after 10 P.M.

Mail carries cancels from either Friedrichshafen, on-board, or several treaty states.

Friedrichshafen Cancel

On-Board Cancel

A single mail drop was made at the Dresden airport.  Mail dropped here should bear a Dresden Flughafen arrival cancel with a time of 17-18.  Copies do exist with an incorrect time, 16-17.

Dresden Airport
Arrival Cancel, 16-17

Dresden Airport
Arrival Cancel, 17-18

On-board mail that was off-loaded when the flight terminated in Friedrichshafen received a Friedrichshafen arrival cancel.

Friedrichshafen Arrival Cancel

All mail carried on this flight should have a green confirmation stamp.

Confirmation Stamp