1932 3rd South America Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 17 April 1932, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) departed Friedrichshafen for Recife, Brazil, on its third South America flight of 1932.  Mail transported typically carries a cancel from Friedrichshafen, one of the many connecting flights, or on-board.

The airship arrived in Recife on 20 April 1932.  On 23 April 1032, it departed Recife for the return to Friedrichshafen, arriving on 27 April 1932.  Mial carried on the return flight carries an on-board cancel, or one from the many connecting flights.

On-Board Cancel

All mail carried on the flight received a brown confirmation stamp.

Confirmation Cachet

Mail from the return flight bears a Friedrichshafen arrival cancel.

Friedrichshafen Arrival Cancel