1931 Iceland Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 30 June 1931, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) departed Friedrichshafen for a flight to Reykjavik, Iceland, and back.  Mail was exchanged in Reykjavik, and the Graf Zeppelin returned to Friedrichshafen, arriving on 3 July 1931.

A green Islandfahrt confirmation stamp denotes mail that was transported on the flight.

Islandfahrt Confirmation Stamp

Outbound mail typically bears a Friedrichshafen or on-board cancel.

Friedrichshafen Cancel

Mail dropped in Reykjavik should bear a Reykjavik arrival cancel.  Three types of arrival cancels can be found.

Reykjavik Arrival Cancel

Icelandic mail on the return voyage typically features Icelandic stamps overprinted “Zeppelin / 1931” which were issued only for use on this flight.