1930 Russia Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 9 September 1930, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) departed Friedrichshafen for Moscow.  It arrived on 10 September 1930, and stayed for only a few hours before beginning its return voyage to Friedrichshafen.  It arrived in Friedrichshafen on 11 September 1930.

Outbound mail can be found with Friedrichshafen cancels or on-board cancels dated 9 or 10 September 1930, and should carry a red confirmation stamp.

On-Board Cancel

Russlandfahrt Confirmation Stamp

Mail that made both the outbound and return legs sometimes carries multiple Moscow cancels, as the mail was canceled upon arrival and on re-loading.

Return mail frequently bears a commemorative Russian stamp, and a Russian zeppelin confirmation cachet.