1929 Orient Flight

Zeppelin Post

From 25-28 March 1929, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) made a round-trip flight from Friedrichshafen to the Levant and back.  Mail carried on-board typically bears cancels from either Friedrichshafen, or from the on-board canceller.

Friedrichshafen Cancel

Mail carried on the flights bears an Orientfahrt confirmation stamp.  Two versions exist — one applied in red-lilac ink with a rubber canceller, and one in cinnamon red ink applied with a steel canceller.

Orientfahrt Confirmation Stamp

One official mail drop was made at Er Ramle, though only a fraction of the dropped ail received an Er Ramle arrival backstamp.  Unofficial drops were made along the route in Athens, Rome, Spit, Vienna, and Munich.