1929 1st America Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 16 May 1929, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) departed Friedrichshafen for its first America Flight of 1929. 

Cancels exist from Friedrichshafen, on-board, and numerous treaty states.  Friedrichshafen cancels can be either the normal hand cancel or machine cancel.

Friedrichschafen Cancel

Friedrichshafen Machine Cancel

The following day, 17 May 1929, the airship diverted to Toulon-Cuers, France, due to engine trouble.  The flight to America was cancelled, and the mail carried on-board was held until the flight could be resumed.

A cachet was added noting that the flight was interrupted.

Cachet noting flight interruption

The flight resumed on 1 August 1929 from Friedrichshafen, arriving at Lakehurst, N.J., on 5 August 1929.  Mail carried on both the original flight and the resumed flight carried a blue confirmation stamp.

Confirmation Stamp

 The LZ-127 departed Lakehurst for Friedrichshafen on 7 August 1929, but the return flight is not considered part of the 1st America Flight of 1929.  Rather, it was the first leg of the 1929 Round-the-World Flight (Lakehurst-Friedrichshafen-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Lakehurst-Friedrichshafen).