1928 America Flight

Zeppelin Post

On 11 October 1928, the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) departed Friedrichshafen for Lakehurst, NJ, on its first America Flight.  It arrived on 15 October 1928, and remained until 29 October 1928, when it departed on its return flight.  It arrived back in Friedrichshafen on 1 November 1928.

Mail from Germany can commonly be found with the 1928 Zeppelin airmail stamps (MiNr 423 & 424), as they were released less than 2 weeks prior to the flight’s departure.

As of this date, the Graf Zeppelin did not yet have an on-board post office, so all mail was cancelled prior to being loaded.  For mail on the Germany to Lakehurst leg, this was often the Graf Zeppelin‘s home in Germany, Friedrichshafen.

Friedrichshafen Cancel

Mail on the Germany to America leg should have both a confirmation stamp (Bestätigungsstempel) in blue, violet, green, or red, and a board stamp (Bordstempel) in red.

Confirmation Stamp

Board Stamp