Hindenburg Medallions

Third Reich Postage Stamps

The definitives of this set were released sporadically between 1933-1936.  The 1 Pf value was released on 4 December 1933.  The remaining values, minus the 80 Pf, were released throughout 1934.  The 80 Pf value was released in February 1936.  The stamps feature Paul von Hindenburg, the second German President.


Watermark 4 Y
Reversed Swastikas


Watermark 4 X

Those with “X” suffixes feature a normal swastika watermark — when viewed from the rear, the legs of the swastika point in a counterclockwise direction.  The “Y” suffixes feature the rarer reversed swastika watermark, with the legs of the swastika pointed in a clockwise direction when viewed from the rear.

The stamps are similar to the earlier October 1932 and April 1933 Hindenburg issues, but with color changes and a different watermark.

See also the 1934 Death of Hindenburg issues commemorating Hindenburg’s death, and the British forgery of MiNr 519 during World War II.

To commemorate 1937 Stamp Day, 10 January 1937, the KaBe Album Company overprinted sheets of MiNr 513 with a special design.  The alternating designs are “Tag der Briefmerke 10.1.1937” (Stamp Day 10 Jan 1937) and “KA-BE Briefmarken-Alben allen voran” (Kabe — the premiere stamp album).

The overprints were printed in sheets of 10×10.

The non-overprinted stamps were processed by the Reichspost as valid postage. The overprinted stamps were not considered valid postage.

MiNr 517 X can also be found with an open “D” (MiNr 517 X I).

MiNr 517 X (left) & MiNr 517 X I (right)

For booklet containing several of these issues, see MH 39.

Also see the Donor Strips and Sheets.