1941 Hitler Head Definitives

Third Reich Postage Stamps

The 1941 Hitler Head Definitives issues were available in two major types of booklets, or Markenheftchen (MH), beginning in December 1941 (MH 48 & MH 49).

MiNr MH 49 contains the following panes, or Heftchenblättern (H-Bl.), in order:

  • One H-Bl. 117 consisting of MiNr 781 (x4), MiNr 784 (x4)
  • One H-Bl. 118 consisting of MiNr 782 (x6), MiNr 785 (x2)
  • One H-Bl. 119 consisting of MiNr 783 (x4), MiNr 786 (x2), and text fields (x2)
  • One H-Bl. 121 consisting of MiNr 785 (x7) and text field (x1)
  • One H-Bl. 122 consisting of MiNr 788 (x6) and text fields (x2)

The only difference between MH 48 and MH 49 is fourth pane — MH 48 contains H-Bl. 120, while MH 49 contains H-Bl. 121.  H-Bl.120 and H-Bl. 121 differ only in the text included in the text field.

All panes are of the B variety (perforation between rows does not extend through margin).  The panes are separated by blank interleaves.  Numerous sub-varieties of the panes exist, depending on location of printers marks in the pane margins.

Three major variations of the booklet were printed (MH 49.1 through MH 49.3).  They differ solely in the design of the advertisement on the inside of the front cover:

  • 49.1 — Van Dyke Radiergummi Eberhard Faber
  • 49.2 — Van Dyke Zeichenstift Eberhard Faber
  • 49.3 — Van Dyke Kopierstift Eberhard Faber

The booklet panes can also be found in the uncut booklet pane sheets, or Markenheftchenbogen (MHB).