Recruitment Flyer

Walloon Legion

This flyer was used to recruit and enlist members in the Walloon Legion.

It reads as follows:

“All people of Europe have a supreme duty to participate in the fight for the destiny of Europe.

This participation is not only a duty in the common interest of the European way of life and the preservation of our people, but is also for the rank and dignity of all the people of the new Europe that will be borne of this crisis.

By order of the Führer, the Walloon Legion, which has fought valiantly on all fronts in the East, is incorporated into the formations of the Waffen SS.”

Inside – Left
“In order to permit active participation of Walloons, the SS-Sturmbrigade Wallonien was created. It will be an elite group, equipped with the most modern weapons and equipment perfect in all points of view.

Enlist in large numbers! The day is near, or you will be proud to have been part of this formation of honor, wearing the glorious cross of Burgundy on your collar.

If you are brave, if you have a sense of responsibility, if you are able to bear arms, if you are willing to foght for your native land and Europe against Bolshevism, commit to the SS-Sturmbrigade Wallonien (Motorized).”

Inside – Right
“For information on pay, benefits, special supplies for family, insurance, etc., please contact the Ersatzkommando Wallonien der Waffen-SS, at 10 Congress Street, Brussels, and in all recruitment offices.”

On the back is a form to be filled out by the recruit, then detached and mailed to the address on the reverse (Ersatzkommando Wallonien der Waffen-SS, at 10 Congress Street, Brussels). The form asks for the enlistee’s name, birthplace, address, and profession.