Lernt Deutschland kennen! (P238 37-97-1-)

Third Reich Postal Stationery

The “Lernt Deutschland kennen!” (Get to Know Germany!) cards were issued over a span of 30+ years. Each card featured a scenic German picture on the left side.  Any German town could order the cards and choose the view, provided they ordered at least 50,000 cards.  For this reason, hundreds of different varieties exist.  The printing codes (ex. 34-49-1-B7) denote the year (34), series (49), cylinder or plate number (1), and the view identifier (B7).

The P238 “Lernt Deutschland kennen!” is a single set with printing code 37-91-1.  It is of similar design to the long-running P236 series, but in 5 Pf green instead of 6 Pf brown.

The cards depict:

  • B1 — Leipzig Exhibition Hall
  • B2 — Leipzig Exhibition Hall
  • B3 — Bad Dürrenberg, Park
  • B4 — Bad Dürrenberg, Fountain
  • B5 — Siegmar-Schönau Town Hall
  • B6 — Schierke
  • B7 — Ratingen
  • B8 — Ratingen