Krim Issues


In November 1943, the postmaster for German troops in the Crimea (Krim) decided to relax a previous prohibition on shipping parcels back to Germany through the Feldpost system.  In order to control the amount of parcels being shipped, he required parcels to have postage in the amount of 20 Pf and a parcel permission stamp.

The parcel permission stamps were printed by the local newspaper “Der Kampf”, on newspaper in sheets of 10×10.  They are found in two sizes — 41×23 mm (I) and 36×28 mm (II).

MiNr 15 II was printed in sheets of 100, with five major variations created by typesetting issues.  Michel catalogs these differently in the latest Handbuch-Katalog Deutsche Feldpost 1937-1945, 5th Edition (2009) and Deutschland-Spezial, Band 1 (2014).  Deutschland Spezial catalog numbers are given in parentheses.

  • II (II) — inverted “u” in place of “n” in both “Päckchen” and “Richtung”
  • II a (unlisted) — inverted “u” in place of “n” in “Richtung”
  • II b (unlisted) — inverted “u” in place of “n” in “Päckchen” (positions 6, 92)
  • II c (II/I)– “Richtung” misspelled as “Richtnng” (position 32)
  • Unlisted (II/II) — “Richtung” misspelled as “Rtchtung” (position 77)

Example of inverted “u” in place of “n”

Type II Sheet Layout