Agram Inselpost


Following the reconquest of Greece by the Allies, German forces stationed on Crete and the Aegean Islands could only be supplied by air.

The army’s field postmaster for these regions decreed that only mail with Feldpost stamps overprinted “Inselpost” should be transported.  To accommodate this requirement, 200,000 package stamps (MiNr 2 B) were overprinted in Vukovar, Croatia, for distribution to the troops.  However, the aircraft transporting the stock of stamps was shot down during a supply flight in October 1944.

In November 1944, a new printing was done at the state printing office in Agram (Zagreb), Croatia.

A total of 1.5 million were printed for use throughout Crete and the Aegean Islands.  Numerous varieties exist due to minute differences in the printing plates and ink colors.  Plate II can be distinguished by a stray mark next to the “T”.


Plate II

Plates I/1, I/2, and I/3 can be distinguished by overprint angle, length, and minor quality deviations due to the frequency of use of certain plates.

  • Plate I/1 — 38-40˚ overprint, 26.5 mm long
  • Plate I/2 — 32-35˚ overprint, 26.6 mm long
  • Plate I/3 — 33-40˚ overprint, 26.6 mm long