Guide to Navigating


This guide is intended to introduce you to the ways in which you can navigate this website.

First, there is the Search the Website function:

Search the Website Function

When you search the website using this function, it will return a list of pages on which the particular search term is found — in this example, I searched for the word “provisional”:

Search the Website – Search Results

To go to a page listed in the search results, either click the page title or the accompanying photo.

Next, you can search through the stamps in the collection using the Search the Collection function:

Search the Collection Function

Using this method, you can search for a particular stamp by 1 or more of 6 criteria — collecting area, catalog number, year, color, face value, or keyword.  For more details on exactly what your options are for this type of search, see the Search Tips link at the bottom of the Search the Collection block.  In this example, I search for postage stamps of German East Africa (DOA) that are purple in color.

Any stamps matching these criteria are returned on a results screen:

Search the Collection – Results

To go to the page for a stamp listed in the search results, click the accompanying photo.

To navigate the website using the menus, hover your mouse cursor over one of the three main menus — Imperial Germany, Weimar Republic, or Third Reich (in this example, Imperial Germany).  A menu will then drop-down, showing the sub-collecting areas.  Any that are not grayed-out can be clicked to go to that sub-area.

Main Menu – Imperial Germany

In this example, I clicked German East Africa on the Imperial Germany menu.  This will take you to the overview page for that collecting area, and cause a menu bar for that specific collecting area to appear on the right side of the blue bar.

Collecting Area Menu Bar

When you hover over this sub-menu bar, another menu will appear, this time showing all the sets, etc., for that collecting area.  As before, the ones that are not grayed can be clicked to go to that set.  In this example, I clicked Königsberg Provisionals from the first column.

Collecting Area Submenu

This will take you to the page for the chosen set.

Stamp Set Page

From this page, you can click on any stamp thumbnail to see a larger version.

Large View of Stamp

With the larger version displayed, if you hover over the left or right side of the image, left or right arrows will appear. These allow you to cycle through the set by clicking the left/right arrows. To make the image go away, click off to the side in the gray area.

I also display scans of my hard-copy album pages on the website. These can be found on the Collecting Area Pages.

Album Page Links on Collecting Area Page

There are two links — one to a medium resolution version, and one to a high resolution version.

If you click one of the links, you’ll come to a page showing large thumbnails of the pages.

Album Pages

As with the stamp images, the album page images can be enlarged, and you can hover over the image to get the previous/next arrows to cycle through the pages.

Large Image of Album Page

Finally, there are links on the main page to various resources. Those in the Resources section are available to any visitor. They include helpful links, guides, and software of my own design.

The GCCG Resources section is available only to members of the German Colonies Collectors Group.  For those with a login, simply click the Login link to go to the login screen.

GCCG Login Link