Imperial Postage Stamps

Germany issued this series of Mark-valued Germania stamps in 1900.  The stamps depict:

  • 1 Mark — General Post Office, Berlin
  • 2 Mark — “Nord und Süd” painting by Anton von Werner
  • 3 Mark — Unveiling of Kaiser Wilhelm I monument, Berlin
  • 5 Mark — Ceremony commemorating the establishment of the German Empire, White Hall, Berlin

The 1-Mark value can be found in three colors, and the 2-5 Mark issued can be found in different types.

MiNr 64 Type I has fewer lines in the end of the ornamental blossom at upper left, while Type II has more lines.

MiNr 64 Types I (left) & II (right)

In MiNr 65 Type I, the breast armor touches the horse, the torso of the Emperor is bent backwards, and the horse reins sag.  In MiNr 65 Type II, the breast armor sits higher on the Emperor, the back of the Emperor is straighter, and the horse reins are straight.

MiNr 65 Types I (left) & II (right)

In MiNr 66 Type I, the denomination is thicker, the ear is missing, and the “R” is without serifs.  In Type II, the denomination is thinner, the ear is present, and the “R” has serifs.

MiNr 66 Types I (left) & II (right)