1916 Overprints

WWI Occupations - Etappengebiet West

Watermark 1
Vertical Lozenges

The Etappengebiet West (Staging Area West) consisted of those areas between the front lines in the west and the Belgian Generalgouvernement in the east. 

Prior to 1 December 1916, civilians within the Etappengebiet West used postage of the Belgian Generalgouvernement, but on that date this set of Germania overprints was issued for use.  The Belgian Generalgouvernement overprints ceased to be valid within the Etappengebiet West on 15 December 1916.

There are numerous varieties of many issues, with slight differences in color, printing process, and overprint spacing.

Et. West Overprint Spacing Example
MiNr 3 a (top) and MiNr 3 b (bottom)