1905 / 1920 Yacht Issues

German East Africa

Beginning in 1905, Germany began phasing in the use of watermarked paper on its new issues. Many color and perforation variations exist, primarily due to differences in peacetime and wartime printings.


Watermark 1

These issues can be distinguished from previous Yacht Issues by the units of currency and the watermarks:

1901: Pesa/Rupien values, no watermark
1905: Heller values, no watermark
1905/1920: Heller/Rupien values, lozenge watermark

The copy of MiNr 38 I A a shown above is an example of Plate Flaw I, retouching in the clouds at upper left:

pfI_retouch_demoFor a detailed description of the frame/center types found on the larger-value issues, see here.

Also shown is a 10×10 sheet of MiNr 30 I.

MiNr 39 II A c certMi 39 II A d cert