1901 Yacht Issues

German East Africa

The overprint issues used throughout the German colonies were replaced in 1900/1901 with a standardized design, featuring Kaiser Wilhelm II’s yacht, the Hohenzollern II.

The 1901 Yacht Issues can be distinguished from subsequent Yacht Issues by the units of currency and the watermarks:

1901:  Pesa/Rupien values, no watermark
1905:  Heller values, no watermark
1905/1920:  Heller/Rupien values, lozenge watermark

Proofs of several values (MiNr 11, 19-21) exist.  Among these is this imperf proof of MiNr 11.

Additionally, two types of proofs of MiNr 20 and MiNr 21 exist — those with a Waffle watermark (the “P I” proofs), and those with varying colors and perfs (the “P II” proofs).  The “P II” proofs exist in perf L11.5 without gum, and perf K14.5 with gum.  The L11.5-perforated proofs without gum, such as the one shown below, are among the rarest proofs of the German colonial issues.

MiNr 21 a I CertMi_20PII_cert