1893 Overprint Essays

German East Africa

Prior to the issue of the 1893 Overprints, a set of essays was produced and kept in the archive of the Reichsdruckerei (Reich Printing Works). The set sent to the archive consisted of five sheets of 100 stamps, one sheet of each value.

The stamps differ slightly from the issued stamps. The 10 Pesa on 20 Pfg value (MiNr 4 Essay) has a red overprint instead of black. The 25 Pesa on 50 Pfg value (MiNr 5 Essay) has a smaller font for the “PESA” portion of the overprint. All values feature a red “Werthlos” (Worthless) overprint.

The MiNr 1 Essay shown above contains the plate flaw “break in lower right scroll”, which could be found at 4 of the 100 positions (33, 38, 83, 88).

pfI_demoThe stamps were kept in the Archive until 1996, when they were released for public auction.