1914 / 1918 Yacht Issues

German New Guinea

Beginning in 1905, Germany began phasing in the use of watermarked paper on its new issues.

This practice eventually led to the introduction of new Yacht issues which were similar to the 1900 issues, but featured a lozenge-shaped watermark and “DEUTSCH-NEUGUNIEA” vice “DEUTSCH-NEU-GUINEA”.


Watermark 1

The 1914/1918 Yacht Issues were never postally used due to the fall of German New Guinea. The stamps were only sold at philatelic sales windows in Berlin, the “Peace Printings” (“I” suffix) in 1914, and the “War Printings” (“II” suffix) in 1918.

The 5 Mark issues have slight differences in color, perforation, or frame/center types.  For a detailed description of the frame/center types, see here.

MiNr 23 II B II Steuer cert