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On a regular basis, I receive requests for copies of the album page designs that I use for the physical collection. Unfortunately, I had not been able to provide copies because of the inclusion of catalog numbers on my personal pages, and I don’t have permission to include the catalog numbers.

So, I’m beginning the process of re-creating the pages without catalog numbers. As I complete that process for the individual collecting areas, links to the pages will be posted on this page.

For most collecting areas, pages will be available in four versions — a basic version that consists of only major variants, a specialized version that includes minor variants, and versions of each with black & white stamp photos in the boxes. For examples, see below.

Specialized With Stamp Photos

Specialized Without Stamp Photos

Basic Without Stamp Photos

Most pages will also be available in Letter and A4 sizes, and I’m working on adding Leuchtturm/Lighthouse and Schaubek sizes.

Third Reich-era pages are also available without symbols of the Third Reich in order to allow use in Germany without running afoul of German law (§86 & §86a StGB).

All PDFs are printable, but not editable. If you, the individual user, require specific customizations to accommodate stamps that don’t fit in the boxes (or you need additional boxes), minor customizations might be possible on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent of the changes requested.

Due to the number of photos included on the pages, some of the files are very large.  If you would like a copy but can’t download files that large, please send me a note. It’s possible to custom generate a smaller file, though with some reduction in the quality of the photos.

For any questions, requests, or if you spot an error, use the “Send Report to Admin” link at the bottom of the page.

NOTE ON PRINTING:  If, when printing, you have the option to print the pages actual size or shrink them to fit the paper, do not select shrink to fit!  Doing so will shrink all content, including the stamp boxes, resulting in them being too small.  The pages should print correctly at actual size, regardless of any warnings your printer might give.

NOTE ON PRINTING LEUCHTTURM/LIGHTHOUSE & SCHAUBEK-SIZED PAGES:  If you are having difficulty getting these pages to print in the proper size and alignment on the paper, see instructions here.

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Currently working on:

  • Postmarks of Togo — ETA 2 weeks

21 Jan 2023 – re-added Postmark pages for Deutsch-Neuguinea, Karolinen, Kiautschou, Marianen, Marshall-Inseln, and Samoa. Updated photos and formatting and added Leuchtturm/Lighthouse & Schaubek sizes.
10 Jan 2023 – updated Specialized versions of Deutsch-Neuguinea pages to add page for WWI Feldpostkarte.
9 Jan 2023 – updated Specialized versions of Karolinen pages to add to historical write-up for 1910 Cash Payment Franking.
5 Jan 2023 – updated Specialized versions of Karolinen pages to correct minor formatting errors and typos on pp. 11-16.  Updated Specialized versions of Deutsch-Südwestafrika pages to correct minor typo on pp. 14-15 (Ltr/A4), pp. 13-14 (Leu/Sch).  Updated Marshall-Inseln and Samoa Specialized pages to add pages Cash Payment Frankings.  Updated to fix minor formatting errors – Deutsch-Neuguinea [Specialized Ltr/A4 pp. 5, 12-13, 18; Leu/Sch pp. 5, 12, 17]; Deutsch-Ostafrika [Specialized Ltr/A4 pp. 22-23, 35, 52; Leu/Sch pp. 21-22, 34, 51]; Deutsch-Südwestafrika [Specialized Ltr/A4 pp. 13, 20; Leu/Sch pp. 12, 19]; Kamerun [Specialized p. 14]; Karolinen [Specialized pp. 10, 19]; Kiautschou [Specialized p. 6]; Marshall-Inseln [Specialized Ltr/A4 pp. 8-9, 21; Leu/Sch pp. 8-9, 20]; Turkey [Specialized p. 16]; Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) [Basic pp. 4, 9, 39; Specialized pp. 4-5, 12-15, 17, 78-79]; Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Officials [Basic p. 7; Specialized p. 7]
1 Jan 2023 – major updates:

  • Re-uploaded all previously available pages except Postmarks of the German Colonies.  These will follow soon.
  • All previously available pages have been modified to fix minor formatting issues and to replace many of the accompanying photos with new photos.
  • All German Colonies pages are now available in Letter, A4, Leuchtturm/Lighthouse, and Schaubek sizes, and all now feature pages for all proofs, essays, & specimens; plate & overprint flaws with sheet positions; paper, gum, & perforation varieties; gutter pairs; and sheet margin HAN numbers.
  • All Specialized Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) pages have been dramatically expanded — from approximately 150 pages to over 400 — to include all Michel-listed proofs, essays, & specimens; all Michel-listed paper, gum, & perforation varieties; and all Michel- and Schantl-listed plate & overprint flaws with sheet positions.

21 Oct 2022 – added Foreign Volunteer Legions in all versions — Basic & Specialized, with/without stamp photos, StGB compliant/non-compliant, in Letter, A4, Schaubek, and Leuchtturm/Lighthouse sizes.
10 Oct 2022 – added new versions of all Deutsch-Neuguinea, Deutsch-Neuguinea Postmarks, Marshall-Inseln, and Marshall-Inseln Postmarks pages to correct minor formatting inconsistencies and to add sheet positions to all plate flaws (Specialized only).
5 Sep 2022 – added new versions of all Feldpost (WWII) pages in Letter, A4, Leuchtturm/Lighthouse, & Schaubek sizes.
3 Sep 2022 – added Leuchtturm- & Schaubek-sized pages for Marshall-Inseln and Marshall-Inseln Postmarks. Corrected minor formatting inconsistencies in all previous Marshall-Inseln pages, all Deutsch-Neuguinea pages.
17 Aug 2022 – added Leuchtturm- & Schaubek-sized pages for Deutsch-Neuguinea and Deutsch-Neuguinea Postmarks.
2 Aug 2022 – added WWII Occupation – Ostland in Letter, A4, Leuchtturm, & Schaubek sizes, with StGB-compliant versions as well.
27 Jun 2022 – added WWII Occupation – Lorraine in Letter, A4, Leuchtturm, & Schaubek sizes, with StGB-compliant versions as well. Updated StGB-compliant versions of WWII Occupation – Alsace to correct typo on title page.
25 Jun 2022 – added WWII Occupation – Alsace in Letter, A4, Leuchtturm, & Schaubek sizes, with StGB-compliant versions as well.
23 Jun 2022 – corrected typo [“Eurpoean” instead of “European”] in title of Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Specialized [Schaubek] p. 113, Specialized [all others] p. 112, Basic [Schaubek] p. 106, Basic [all others] p. 105].
19 Apr 2022 – revised WWII Occ. – Albania. Added Basic pages (these are the same as the previous Specialized pages) and added new, more-detailed Specialized pages that include minor varieties (overprint varieties & flaws, proofs, etc.). Added Leuchtturm/Lighthouse- and Schaubek-sized versions.
18 Oct 2021 – added Leuchtturm/Lighthouse- and Schaubek-sized versions of Deutsches Reich (1933-1945).
28 Sep 2021 – corrected typos in Deutsches Reich (1919-1932) [“Tausend” instead of “Millionen”, Specialized p. 43, Basic p. 38].
25 Sep 2021
– corrected typo on p. 32 of Kiautschou Postmarks.
30 Aug 2021 – added Kiautschou Postmarks and new versions of Deutsch-Neuguinea Postmarks, Karolinen Postmarks, Marianen Postmarks, Marshall-Inseln Postmarks, and Samoa Postmarks. Design changes were to create enough blank space on the pages to allow mounting of postcard-sized items.
30 Aug 2021 – corrected errors in Deutsches Reich (1872-1918) [Specialized p. 17, incorrect color on second stamp, Specialized p. 33, colors on last two stamps swapped].
8 Jul 2021 – added Marianen Postmarks and Samoa Postmarks.
7 Jul 2021 – added Marshall-Inseln Postmarks.
5 May 2021 – updated all Bohemia & Moravia pages to add better image on p. 13.
25 Apr 2021 – updated German East Africa Specialized p. 28 to remove varieties that were incorrectly included.
22 Apr 2021 – added Karolinen Postmarks.
22 Apr 2021 – updated all Generalgouvernement pages to correct an omission on p. 29.
20 Apr 2021 – added StGB-compliant versions of Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) , Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Officials, Generalgouvernement, and Feldpost in letter size.
18 Apr 2021 – added German New Guinea Postmarks.
9 Apr 2021 – updated the Specialized versions of all the German Colonies to include better demos of all plate flaws.
24 Mar 2021 – corrected typo in Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) pages [Specialized p. 61, Basic p. 54].
3 Jan 2021 – added Deutsches Reich (1919-1932) Officials.
12 Dec 2020 – added revised versions of all German Colonies pages, adding plate and overprint flaws to all Specialized pages, and making minor edits to few Basic pages to fix spacing/alignment/spelling errors.
12 Nov 2020 – added A4 and StGB-compliant versions of Generalgouvernement; made minor formatting edits to all pages other than Colonies & PO Abroad to correct minor formatting inconsistencies discovered when building those pages.
7 Nov 2020 – corrected typographical error on title pages of all German PO Abroad in China, Morocco, & Turkey.
2 Nov 2020 – added German PO Abroad in China, Morocco, & Turkey.
18 Oct 2020 – fixed box-size error on Deutsch-Neuguinea (German New Guinea) British Occupation Registration Labels page [Specialized p. 14; Basic p. 10].
11 Sep 2020 – added pages for all of the German Colonies.
18 Aug 2020 – updated all Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Officials Basic versions to correct a duplicate entry on p. 5.
14 Aug 2020 – updated all Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Officials versions. Updates consist of numerous minor formatting alterations to ensure consistency with newly updated Deutsches Reich pages.
11 Aug 2020 – updated all Feldpost versions. Updates consist of correction to Christmas Inselpost page and numerous minor formatting alterations to ensure consistency with newly updated Deutsches Reich pages.
10 Aug 2020 – added Deutsches Reich (1919-1932); added updated versions of all Deutsches Reich (1872-1918) and Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) pages.  Updates consist of numerous typographical corrections, addition of graphical watermarks, and numerous formatting alterations to ensure consistency across all three Deutsches Reich eras.
27 Jul 2020 – corrected typos in Deutsches Reich (1872-1918) [Specialized pp. 11-13].
20 Jun 2020 – added Deutsches Reich (1872-1918) & Deutsches Reich (1872-1918) Officials.
27 Apr 2020 – added A4 and StGB-compliant versions of Feldpost (WWII); minor cosmetic/spacing edits to previously uploaded versions of Feldpost (WWII); corrected typo on Kuban Bridgehead page of Feldpost (WWII) [Specialized p. 13, Basic p. 12].
25 Apr 2020 – added WWII Occ. – Albania; added Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Officials A4 and StGB-compliant versions.
12 Feb 2020 – added Bohemia & Moravia; updated Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) A4 cover pages.
10 Feb 2020 – added A4 versions of Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Basic & Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Specialized – StGB Compliant.
30 Jan 2020 – corrected misc typos/errors in Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) [Specialized pp. 9, 26, 31, 36, 37, 46, 50, 52, 58, 60, 63, 77, 91, 146, 147; Basic pp. 23, 28, 33, 39, 43, 45, 51, 53, 56, 84, 137, 138].
19 Jan 2020 – added A4 versions of Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Specialized & Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Specialized – StGB Compliant.
14 Dec 2019 – added Generalgouvernement
17 Nov 2019 – re-uploaded new versions of all prior files.  These are considerably larger in size, but should print at a much higher quality.
16 Nov 2019 – added German New Guinea.
16 Nov 2019 – added Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) Officials.
12 Nov 2019 – modified Deutsches Reich (1933-1945) [Specialized p. 116, Basic p. 109].