Christian Frederik von Schalburg

n February 1942, Sturmbannführer Christian Frederik von Schalburg was given command of the Frikorps Danmark .

On 2 June 1942, von Schalburg led the first offensive operation of Frikorps Danmark.  However, while attempting to monitor the progress of the battle, von Schalburg was severely wounded by a mine, then moments later killed by Russian artillery.

To raise funds for his memorial, a vertical se-tenant label was sold beginning in December 1944.  The upper label (MiNr IV) bears the denomination “50” and states: “Ved Ofre skabtes Danmarks Ere/C.F.V. Schalburgs Mindefond” (Our sacrifice created Denmark’s honor).

The lower label (MiNr V) has no denomination, and replaces one of the shields with the SS runes.  The lower label also features the address of the headquarters for the Schalburg fund, Falkonergaardsvei 11, Kbhvn (Copenhagen).